16 weeks old African Grey Parrots for Sale

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Vaccinated: Yes
Hand Fed: Yes
Weaned: Yes
Hand Raised: Yes
Age: 8 months
Shipping: Available

We have Male and Females available for sale now, We have available from 1 Month old – 24 Months old in stock and ready for their new homes now, Thoroughly Tested And certified by the Vet. DNA Tested.

All of our Birds. are Hand raised and Hand fed from the time their hatchling, we have fully trained, socialized them, and also they are fully housebroken and weaned before they go on sale on our website. The feed on, Apple, Spinach, Pellets, Bananas

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The African Grey Parrot is a wonderful and highly intelligent bird. Buy African Grey Parrots requires a serious commitment and are great lifelong companions. Anyone who has an African Grey or who has had one will tell you. African Grey Parrot can’t be termed a pet because the privilege of living with one is truly a unique and unforgettable experience. Buy African Grey Parrot.

The incredible birds we’ve come to know as African Greys actually encompass two parrot species. Grey & Timneh Parrots (Psittacus erithacus and Psittacus timneh). Highly intelligent with amusing personalities, African Greys make very popular companions. However, deforestation and abundant trapping for the wild bird trade has left both species sadly endangered.

Nesting near the tops of forest trees, gregarious Greys form large communal flocks of up to 1000 individuals., Timneh Parrots gather in much smaller flocks of a few dozen.

Both species are known for mimicking the calls of other birds and mammals, as well as letting out a variety of whistles, squawks, shrieks, and screams while at rest and in flight.

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1 review for 16 weeks old African Grey Parrots for Sale

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