1 Months Old African Grey Parrots for Sale


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Vaccinated: Yes
Hand Fed: Yes
Weaned: Yes
Hand Raised: Yes
Age: 8 months
Shipping: Available

We have Male and Females available for sale now, We have available from 1 Month old – 24 Months old in stock and ready for their new homes now, Thoroughly Tested And certified by the Vet. DNA Tested.

All of our Birds. are Hand raised and Hand fed from the time their hatchling, we have fully trained, socialized them, and also they are fully housebroken and weaned before they go on sale on our website. The feed on, Apple, Spinach, Pellets, Bananas

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African Grey Parrots for Sale, We breed and supply the best health parrots worldwide

Perhaps the best known of the African Parrots is the African Grey Parrot, the acknowledged champion of talking parrots, this native of Africa has known the world over for its intelligence and personality.

Africa is also home to a few species of Poicephalus parrots, including the Brown-Headed, Cape, Jardine’s, Mayer’s, Niam-Niam, Red-Bellied, Ruppell’s, Senegal, and Yellow-faced, as well as the Vasa parrot.

African Grey Parrots for Sale
All of our birds come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of harmful bacteria.

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Testing expenses are your responsibility; should there be any minor health issues that require treatment, we pay for all medications and all medical treatment at a Veterinarian of our choice.

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